LEAN Infused Staffing Program

As a continuous improvement process to maximize efficiency, QRI has developed a unique LEAN orientation program for temporary employees.  This program helps our clients to assimilate employees in their continuous improvement programs. 

QRI’s objective in this area is to teach employees the importance of productivity, quality and time management utilizing as few resources as possible.  Our LEAN infused staffing program is designed to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency of workers.

Lean for Office

This also holds true for our office employment division, Office Resources.  A LEAN infused staffing program is also built in to office recruitment and helps to identify office processes that can be made lean. This program focuses on maximizing customer value with fewer resources.

Lean for Production

For clients in the manufacturing industry, temporary employees are introduced to, taught and tested on basic principles of lean manufacturing.  Feedback from clients is that our LEAN infused light industrial staffing program has maximized productivity in their manufacturing sector.